Meet Pint House Pizza’s Head Brewer, Joe Mohrfeld

There is a new brewery in town…

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Mohrfeld head brewer at Pint House Pizza in Austin Texas. I spent some time with Joe chatting about homebrewing and took a short tour of the brewery. The brewery won’t officially be open until October 25th, 2012, but the place is really shaping up. We will definitely be revisiting Pint House Pizza again real soon.

My name is Joe and I get to make the beer around here. I believe in a couple things when it comes to brewing. Primarily, I like my beer to pair well with five more. What does that mean exactly you ask? Well, I like to brew flavorful, complex, and interesting beers that still remain very drinkable. My style is a modernized American version of the Olde English pub tradition wherein it is commonplace to pull up a seat and stay for a pint or six and spend time with friends. It is through a respect for the craft, both an understanding of the science and the embracement of culture and art, that I construct my beers. Kind of like Talking Heads: ‘77.


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